The Footer Thats a Snap!

The Footer That's a Snap!

No tools? No time? No worries! You can quickly and easily assemble our footer in minutes.Below is a short video that goes over each step of the process. Enjoy!

7 simple steps

Here is our 7 simple steps to building the best pier footer for your deck or sunroom:

  1. Layout parts for assembly of the FailSafe Pier Footer.
  2. Snap the horizontal rebar into the base section of the FailSafe Pier Footer.
  3. Insert the vertical rebar into rebar guides in the reducer.
  4. Place the reducer on the base footer and attach by applying downward pressure to the outer edge of the reducer. Make sure that all snap lock mechanisms are tightly engaged.
  5. Place tower over rebar and attach the tower to reducer by applying downward pressure to the outer edge.
  6. Slide collar over rebar and attach to tower by applying downward pressure to the outer edge. Snap rebar into collar.
  7. If more than one tower section is needed to reach grade you can just snap one tower to another and then snap the collar to the top. Vertical rebar should be flush with the rebar snap-lock mechanism in the top collar. ***Ensure rebar does not extend past the top of the snap-lock mechanism.


If you have any questions in regards to your new pier footer, don't be afraid to get in touch! You can find our contact information on our CONTACT US page.