No More Cutting Rebar

As you already know, including rebar in your concrete pier footer is CRUCIAL for creating compression and tension within the concrete. Without this added compression and tension, you are leaving your structure susceptible to uplift due to high winds and frost heave, seismic activity from earth quakes, and other devastating forces of nature. Rebar is an indispensable tool for safety and strength, and it will be with us for many years to come because of this. But just because we will be continuing to use this ancient technology, that doesn’t mean we have to settle for labor and time intensive practices to work with it. Times do change, and its time that change how we think about our rebar.

How much time do you waste measuring, cutting, building and setting rebar cages? The answer is hours, and all those wasted hours is costing your business wasted money! Over time, that those wasted hours can really add up over the course of a season. The good news is that times have changed, and its time to start working smarter and not harder. You now have a choice, you can either keep wasting time with building all of the rebar cages by hand, or you can choose a product that does all of that for you.

With the FailSafe Pier Footer, we designed our product to have an integrated rebar cage that snaps right in place. The advantage is clear as day, just look for yourself at the following videos.

You can either waste hours of your precious day cutting and bending rebar like a caveman…



 Or, you can choose the FailSafe Pier Footer and get the job done faster and more efficiently…



Best of all, no tools required!

The days of laboring over rebar cages are over! It’s time to choose the solution that offers you exceptional results, at extraordinary speeds. You can now plan for success, no matter the weather, with each and every footer that you need completed. Buy your FailSafe Pier Footer today!