Protect Yourself From Earthquakes with rebar

In recent years, earth quake frequency and strength has been on the rise in some parts of the USA. According to a recent US geological survey, Thousands of earthquakes have occurred in Oklahoma and in the surrounding areas of southern Kansas and North Texas since 2009. With earthquakes on the rise, the urgency to properly secure your deck or sun room has never been so high. Earth quakes are one of the most destructive forces known to mother nature, without proper engineering, it can level a building in minutes. Protecting yourself from such a powerful force may seem daunting, but there are steps that you can take to help protect your investment from imminent collapse.

The absolute only way to protect your family and your structure against the destructive forces of an earthquake, is to reinforce your pier footer with horizontal and vertical rebar. Horizontal and vertical rebar add compression AND tension to the concrete within your pier footer. By adding these two forces to your foundation system of your deck, sun room, gazebo or pole barn, you will have much greater chance to withstand the sheering forces of an earth quake.

Luckily, the Failsafe Pier Footer system was engineered to include BOTH types of rebar. We are the only product on the market today can better protect your investment, and your family, from an earth quake disaster.


To learn more about earth quakes, seismic activity, and rebar, click on the PDF file below.