Foundation Failure?

What Causes Foundation Failure?

One of the number one reason for deck collapse in North America is foundation failure. A deck is only as strong as the pier footings that are buried underneath it, and more often than not, the footer is the first thing that installers will try and cut corners with. Do you know what is supporting and protecting your deck? Unfortunately, most people have no idea. 

Don't be this guy


Frost Heave

When the ground freezes around your footers, unless the proper pier footer is used, it will essential pull your footer towards the surface. Any and all movement in your structure will cause long lasting issues, or eventual collapse, for your deck or sunroom. Our Bell shaped base helps resist these forces.


Soil Erosion

If you are building a deck or sunroom on a steep incline, you must be very wary of soil erosion. As water from rain fall or melting snow runs past your beans, it carries with it tiny bits of dirt. Little by little, this water will eat away to the supporting soil around your footers. As more soil is removed, it creates a very unstable environment that will lead to foundation failure.


Uplift Due To High Winds

During high winds due to hurricanes, straight line winds, tornadoes and even sever Thunderstorms, your structure can act almost like a kite. These destructive storms blow massive amounts of wind and air under your deck and will cause movement due to uplift. Thanks to our innovative bell shaped base, the FailSafe Pier Footer will remain strong even in the worst storms.



Wood Rot

Never bury wood! No matter if the wood is treated, buried wood will eventually rot. As your beams begin to grow soft and weak, they leave you at risk of collapse. The only way to protect yourself from wood rot, is to keep the wood above the ground and away from the moisture. Unfortunately, its common practice to bury the post either directly into the soil or to put cement around it. Bothe of these methods will leave you with a rotted support beam in a few short years.


Erosion Due Too Flooding

Do you live near a creek or river? Does your area ever experience flooding due to heavy rains? Just as with normal soil erosion, erosion due to flooding can be devastating. Receding water levels can take your valuable soil and leave you exposed. Research your area and plan accordingly.


Earthquakes and Seismic Activity

This force may only be applicable to certain parts of the United States, but it is a serious force that some builders must plan for. Rebar is the only true way to protect your investment from seismic forces. The added tension and compression in the concrete, thanks to the rebar, is the only thing you can truly rely on during an earthquake.


It's easy to forget how brutal mother nature can be throughout the year. From the safety of our homes, it can be hard to realize the forces that are being exerted on us from a day to day basis. Regardless of what you are building, be it a deck, a sunroom, or some other structure, you MUST design your project with safety in mind. Even the slightest movement due to frost heave or soil erosion can send your investment down the path of eventual collapse. 

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