The FailSafe Advantage

The FailSafe Advantage

Other pier footers on the market require a great deal of time and labor, but only can deliver inconsistent results. Thanks to the FailSafe Pier Footer, you no longer have to settle for sub-par standards. We offer exception results, in half the time of other footers.

Innovative Design

We are proud to say that the FailSafe Pier footer is the only footer on the market today that is designed and packaged with rebar. With the rebar pre-measured and cut to length, you will save big time and money. Unlike other cardboard alternatives on the market, our footer delivers consistent results each and every time. 


Complete Protection

No other footer on the market today can come close to the protection that the FailSafe Pier Footer provides. Thanks to its innovative design and integrated rebar cage, the FailSafe Pier Footer will significantly reduce the chances of movement due to:

  • Frost  Heave
  • Post Rot
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Soil Erosion

Easy Assembly

We're the footer thats a snap! Time is money, and you'll be saving big time because the our product snaps together in minutes. No more wasting your time and money with cutting cardboard or rebar, the only things you need are your two hands and about two minutes. Never has it been so fast and easy to produce such a dependable result.   


Made In America

The FailSafe Pier Footer is a patented, fully engineered product that is proudly made 100% in the U.S.A. and supported in North America by local based representatives in both the U.S. and CANADA. In making a commitment to but the FailSafe Pier Footer, you are supporting North American manufacturing, along with the local families who make and sell this innovative product line. We thank you for your support!