Innovative Design

Innovative Design

It takes more than a cardboard tube and some cement to protect your structure from imminent foundation failure, that’s contractors and homeowners alike must remain diligent when it comes the footer construction. To learn more about foundation failure, and all the destructive forces that we help protect you from, please visit our Foundation Failure? page. The FailSafe Pier Footer is the only footer on the market today that offers you complete protection, all thanks to its innovative design.  


Integrated Rebar System

The inclusion of horizontal and vertical rebar is the most critical component of the FailSafe Pier design. Rebar is so important for pier integrity, it adds tension AND compression to the concrete, which allows for protection from destructive forces like earthquakes, high winds and concrete shearing forces. With rebar being so important, it’s surprising that we are still the only footer on the market today that includes rebar in its design and construction.  Each of our kits come with all the rebar pre-measured and precut, which will save you money, time and allows for a safer project. Working with rebar can be a real pain, but not with the FailSafe Pier Footer.


Wide Bell Shaped Construction

Our wide base is designed to spread out the weight of the load over a larger surface of soil, so the ground can adequately support it. Taking advantage of the increased surface area will prevent any movement due to sinking or lateral lift. Being able to spread the weight load of your structure over a wide area will also allow for fewer footings. For overall support, and to properly spread out the heavy load, it is crucial that your footer has a flared and widened base. Not sure how many pier footings you will need for your project? Visit our Knowledge Center for more details.


Easy Assembly

We know time is money, that’s why we designed a product that can be assembled in minutes and requires no tools. No more cutting rebar or dealing with soggy cardboard! With the FailSafe Pier Footer, you will have more time to spend on the more important aspects of the project. It’s the footer that’s a snap!


Unibody design

Once our footer is assembled, every aspect of your pier footing will be connected. This design ensures that all the concrete will be poured at once and is one solid form, which is more secure and saves you time. Many other options call for the use of a “concrete cookie”, then pouring your concrete tower on top. What this means is that you now have a cold joint where the two concrete forms meet, and it allows for weakness in years to come.