Attention Contractors

Time Is Money

Other products on the market today are outdated and inconsistent, providing you inadequate results at the expense of time. In the pursuit of getting the job done, you are having to battle the weather, time, material costs, labor costs, and well as other things. The FailSafe Pier Footer is here simplify the process, saving you unprecedented time and money, while providing you with exceptional results.


No More Wasted Time

Assembling and using our footer is a snap. literally. How much time do you usually waste measuring, cutting, and bending rebar? When you purchase an FailsSafe Pier Footer Kit, the rebar already comes pre-measured and cut. You read that right, say good bye to all that bending over and all that wasted time. We designed our pier footer with an integrated rebar cage, so that you can assemble everything in minutes. Just think about how much time that will free up for you to do other important tasks around the job site. 

No Tools Required

With the FailSafe Pier Footer, the only thing that you'll need is your own two hands. No more hauling around the rebar bender or dealing with extension cords for your circular saw, you can leave all of that in the truck. Our pier footer snaps together in minutes, saving you time and saving you money on materials.


Less Waste Mean More Savings

Everything you will ever need for your footer comes shipped straight to you or the job site. That means less wasted supplies and more cost savings, its just that simple. Have you ever had to purchase all new cardboard tubes because of an unexpected rain shower? What about all that leftover rebar that you couldn't use because they weren't the right length from cutting the previous piece? And because you no longer require any tools or blades for cutting the rebar, that means less blades for you to buy. 


Rain Or Shine 

Are you tired of working with soggy cardboard? Other footing methods on the market don't work so well in the rain, do you have the time to wait out a storm so you can install a proper footing? By choosing the FailSafe Pier Footer, you are making the choice to work when you want. Rain or shine, the job must go on. 


Peace of Mind

Success doesn't just happen, its planned for. When you make the choice to use the FailSafe Pier Footer, you are planning for consistency. Making sure a job goes without a hitch can be stressful, were here to help make the footer proportion of your project go more smoothly each and every time. Everyone loves when a plan comes together. Make the switch to the Failsafe Pier Footer will not only make you very happy, but it will also make your crew, your customer, your schedule, your budget, and your inspector, all very happy as well. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today!