18" FailSafe Pier Footer Kit with Rebar (3 tower)

Product Description

Complete system has an 18" base and is 72" tall. It can be easily assembled in minutes and requires no-tools!

Once assembled, this FailSafe Pier Footer kit will reach 72 inches in height. This kit comes with everything you need to install a pier footer system for complete protection.This kit is perfect for most deck or shed projects, in which the frost level is higher than 54 inches. The FailSafe Pier Footer meets or exceed current IBC/UBC codes.

This kit includes:

  1. (1) 18" Diameter Base
  2. (1) 18" Reducer
  3. (3) 12" X 18" Tower
  4. (1) 12" Collar
  5. (1) Rebar Kit, (4) Pieces of Horizontal Rebar, (2) Pieces of Vertical Rebar. Cut and Bent to length.

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